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Jeffrey Barudin: Music

Michigan misc.

Stubernic - Mark Ford

(Jeffrey Barudin, Chuck Ricotta, Andre Dowell-marimba)

Toccata for Marimba and Vibraphone - Anders Koppel

(Jeffrey Barudin-vibraphone & Ya-Chi Cheng-marimba)
This piece was originally written for the Safri Duo, and it just may be the hardest thing I've ever played on vibraphone. Funny story - the night of the recital I was washing a knife and completely sliced my finger open. I had to play the piece with a bandage on my finger. Well, maybe not so funny....funny now, at least!

Penn State Recital '01

Variations of Japanese Children's Songs - Keiko Abe

The Anvil Chorus - David Lang

The Call of Boromir - Daniel McCarthy

(Jeffrey Barudin-marimba & Winn Roberton-french horn)
This piece for marimba and french horn was first performed by me and Winn at my senior recital. It came out great. We played this piece two more times, at Winn's recital and at a jury recognition concert. Some people just couldn't get enough!

Chaconne in D - J.S. Bach

Penn State misc.

Concertino for Marimba & Wind Ensemble - Neil DePonte

(Jeffrey Barudin-marimba & PSU Symphony Wind Ensemble)
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